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County declares agricultural disaster impacting South Peace producers

Council unanimously declared an agricultural disaster in the County of Grande Prairie Monday.

The move comes after a season that saw excessive moisture delay seeding and cool weather obstruct the harvest, leading to poor quality crops.

“I can’t say it’s the worst year we ever had, but it’s certainly the worst year in the last generation,” said Peter Harris, county councillor and deputy reeve.
Kreg Alde, who operates Alde Farms (and Broken Tine Orchard), said the season has been “a complete disaster from June till now.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re a vegetable farmer, a bee farmer, cattle with hay or grain farmer, every sector of the farm industry has been a disaster.”

PHOTO: Kreg Alde said his Rio Grande farm was among those affected by “a complete disaster from June till now.” He said he’s never had this has amount of crop left on the field.


$58M geothermal project could create local employment and power homes

A major geothermal project south of Grande Prairie moved a step forward last week after the Alberta government announced it granted the Terrapin Geothermics company the right to conduct testing operations.

Terrapin is working on developing its $58 million plant at a Greenview site governed under the Tri-Municipal Industrial Partnership (TMIP), between Greenview and the city and county of Grande Prairie.

“It was very motivating to see that (approval) get across the finish line,” said Sean Collins, Terrapin president.

PHOTO: This image represents the type of facility Terrapin Geothermics plans to build at the Tri-Municipal Industrial Partnership park south of Grande Prairie. 


Beaverlodge needs more Elks

Service clubs need their communities as much as they (still) need them.

In an age where volunteer groups communities have traditionally depended on are declining, the Beaverlodge Elks are among those seeking additional hands.

“The Beaverlodge Elks is a very good organization, very involved in the community,” said Ernie Beart, exalted ruler. 

The Elks are particularly concerned with supporting sports like minor soccer and minor hockey, children’s causes (they have an internationally renowned stuttering program) and the fire department.

“If people have a need, we will see if we can help,” he said.

Beart said he’s concerned not only about the Elks’ struggles to find new members, but with other local groups’ difficulties on that front.

PHOTO: Elks Blaine Kyle and Lance Lewis flipped burgers for the free community lunch at St. Mary School during the 2018 summer fair. 

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